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Mancuso, FBI

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
20 x 60 minute episodes

The character of Nick Mancuso, FBI, first appeared in the NBC political thriller miniseries Favorite Son.

Mancuso (Robert Loggia) was a gruff, cynical FBI agent with the Metropolitan Bureau Field Office in Washington DC who was described by one presidential aide as “a lonely misanthrope with no respect for authority”.

Nearing retirement, the crusty investigator kept saying that he didn’t care, but viewers got a glimpse of the real Mancuso when he stopped and looked up at the graceful obelisk of the Washington Monument and said to a rookie agent, “you know, kid, if the government worked the way it looked, it could be a great country”.

After he had uncovered a trail of government cover-ups, deceit and murder, Mancuso actually did retire – or had retirement forced on him – but as he was checking out of the Bureau, the President called and urged him to reconsider.

The plea worked and Mancuso was back with a series of his own.

Nick grew up on the Lower East Side of New York City and was married to a woman named Mary Louise, who died in 1964. He now lived at 311 Delaware Street in Washington. Gertie’s Bar was his favourite hangout.

Lorraine Kovacs (Janet Carroll) was Nick’s married daughter. Andy (Michael Bell) was her husband, and Lee Ann (Leigh Hughes) was their daughter. Jean St John (Randi Brooks) was Nick’s secretary and he was assisted by an FBI agent named Kristen Carter (Lindsay Frost).

Nick Mancuso
Robert Loggia
Kristen Carter
Lindsay Frost
Jean St. John
Randi Brooks
Lorraine Kovacs
Janet Carroll
Andy Kovacs
Michael Bell
Lee Ann Kovacs
Leigh Hughes
Lee Garlington