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Mann’s Best Friends

1 9 8 5 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Hamish James Ordway (Fulton Mackay) of the Water Board, retired, nosey parker and fusspot extraordinaire, seeking accommodation, has the misfortune to fall into the chaotic clutches of the household of the free-and-easy animal-loving landlord Mr Henry Mann (Barry Stanton).

In return for free accommodation, bossy Ordway is given the challenge of bringing order to the Mann household in this short-lived comedy series from Thames Television.

Bernard Bresslaw is friendly bovver boy, Duncan, and good-time girl Dolly Delights is played by Patricia Brake.

Hamish James Ordway
Fulton Mackay
Henry Mann
Barry Stanton
Mrs Mann
Barbara Hicks
Bernard Bresslaw
Dolly Delights
Patricia Brake
Clive Merrison
Mrs Anstruther
Liz Smith
Sara Corper