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Marjorie and Men

1 9 8 5 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Patricia Routledge appeared in her first starring comedy role as Marjorie Belton who, despite a bitter and hurtful divorce, was still hoping to find the type of romance one would only come across in a Mills and Boon novel.

Marjorie also had to contend with her overbearing mother, Alice (Patricia Hayes) who she now lived with and who had taken it upon herself to find the perfect match for her daughter.

Each episode featured a different beau for Marjorie; vegetable obsessed greengrocer George (Timothy West), Frank (John Quayle) and Norton (George Baker) all tried to romance her without success and even some of her male work colleagues at the bank where she was a clerk thought they may have a chance – namely under-manager Henry (James Cossins) and married work colleague Sid (Ronnie Stevens).

In the end, we never found out if Marjorie was successful in landing the man of her dreams because only a single series was made by Anglia for ITV.

Marjorie Belton
Patricia Routledge
Alice Tripp
Patricia Hayes
Henry Bartlett
James Cossins
Sid Parkin
Ronnie Stevens
Norton Phillips
George Baker
Frank Aston
John Quayle
George Banthorpe
Timothy West