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Marriage, The

1 9 8 6 (UK)
7 x 45 minute episodes

Airing in January 1986, The Marriage was a fly on the wall documentary series from Desmond Wilcox which aimed to capture the total modern British wedding experience at a time when reality TV wasn’t even a thing yet.

Cardiff couple Marc and Karen had seen an advert in the paper and were eventually chosen to have their lives documented for eighteen months by the BBC.

Being a unique experiment in television as well as giving people a chance to have a right good nosy into other folks lives, the series was a huge success and lead to the theme tune – Starting Together performed by Su Pollard – spending four weeks in the top ten, eventually reaching #2 just after the final episode aired.

Unlike the other big marriage of 1986 (Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson), Marc and Karen are still together and have four children.

Karen Adams-Jones
Marc Adams-Jones
Desmond Wilcox