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Master of the Game

1 9 8 4 (USA)

This three-part adaptation of Sidney Sheldon’s bestseller concerned the machinations inside an embattled corporate dynasty, beginning in 1890s South Africa with headstrong, fortune-seeking Scotsman Jamie McGregor (Ian Charleson) teaming with a black nationalist to rob a diamond mine.

The deceptions of a bad seed hoping to inherit the Kruger-Brent fortune are ultimately capped by murder.

The series was lavishly produced by Norman Rosemont in locales that included Kenya. It originally aired in the US on three consecutive nights from 19 September to 21 September 1984.

Dyan Cannon as iron-willed big momma Kate looked virtually the same aged 60 or 90.

Kate Blackwell
Dyan Cannon
Anthony ‘Tony’ James Blackwell
Harry Hamlin
David Blackwell
David Birney
Brad Rogers
Cliff De Young
Margaret Van der Merwe
Cherie Lunghi
Mrs Talley
Jean Marsh
Dr John Harley
Barry Morse
Johnny Sekka
Marianne Hoffman
Angharad Rees
Dominique Masson
Maryam D’Abo
André D’Usseau
David Suchet
Jamie McGregor
Ian Charleson
George Mellis
Fernando Allende
Eve Alexandra Blackwell
Liane Langland
Salomon Van der Merwe

Donald Pleasence
Solange Dunas
Leslie Caron