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Matt Houston

1 9 8 2 – 1 9 8 5 (USA)
50 x 60 minute episodes

This Aaron Spelling crime caper featured Matt Houston (Lee Horsley), a free-wheeling millionaire private detective with a Jacuzzi and a Harvard-trained dolly-bird lawyer sidekick, C.J. Parsons (Pamela Hensley).


Houston was aided by his obliging L.A. cop friend Lieutenant Vince Novelli (John Aprea) but hindered by the lightly comic elements of cowhand employees Bo (Dennis Fimple) and Lamar (Paul Brinegar).

Matt Houston was at best a routine series, for all its parade of Mercedes and swimming pools full of hot babes, and not even lifted by the use of Buddy Ebsen as Houston’s retired detective uncle, Roy.

Matt Houston
Lee Horsley
C.J. Parsons
Pamela Hensley
Dennis Fimple
Paul Brinegar
Lt Vince Novelli
John Aprea
Roy Houston
Buddy Ebsen