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Me and Maxx

1 9 8 0 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

When Norman Davis (Joe Santos from The Rockford Files) and his wife, Elaine (never seen) have a baby daughter in 1969, Norman deserts his wife and child because he feels he cannot handle the responsibility.

Eleven years later, Maxx Davis (Melissa Michaelsen) packs a suitcase and crosses the Brooklyn Bridge to Norman’s apartment in Manhattan.

Believing that she is only going to stay with her father for two weeks while her mother is on vacation, Maxx (short for Maxine) and Norman are both surprised to learn that Elaine has decided to even up the score and is now abandoning Maxx and expects Norman to care for his daughter – who he has only seen four times in 11 years.

Norman lives in a small, one-bedroom apartment at East 65th Street and leads a swinging lifestyle. He must now change his ways as he and the daughter he hardly knows try to become close.

Norman and his assistant, Barbara (Jenny Sullivan), run Empire Tickets which supplies tickets for sporting, cultural and theatrical events. Maxx attends Public School 135 and says she spells her name with two x’s “because my mother says I was double-crossed”.

Gary (Denny Evans) is the building’s elevator operator. Mitch Russell (Jim Weston) is Norman’s friend and neighbour.

Norman Davis
Joe Santos
Maxine ‘Maxx’ Davis
Melissa Michaelsen
Jenny Sullivan
Mitch Russell
Jim Weston
Denny Evans