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Me & Mrs C

1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 7 (USA)
19 x 30 minute episodes

Rather than spend her golden years with her son and his family, independent 60-year-old widow Ethel Conklin (Peg Murray) decides to remain in her home at 2709 Webb Street.

When she discovers that her Social Security income is not sufficient, Ethel decides to place a newspaper ad and take in a boarder to help with the expenses.

Enter Gerri Kilgore (Misha McK), a gorgeous African American girl – with a prison record. Despite the fact that Gerri is an ex-con, and did time for armed robbery, Ethel feels she deserves a chance and allows her to move in.

Gerri works for the Martin, Barton and Fargo computer company and pays Ethel $100 a month plus expenses (it was $62.50 a month when the series first began).

Stories follow Gerri and Ethel’s experiences as Ethel finds her life changed for the better due to Gerri’s presence and Gerri’s learns how to get the most out of life from Ethel. Gerri is the daughter of a preacher, Reverend Kilgore (Scoey Mitchell).

Ethan Conklin (Gary Bayer) is Ethel’s son, a certified public accountant. He is married to Kathleen (Ellen Regan) and they are the parents of young Jamie. Ethan is opposed to his mother’s living arrangements and is trying to convince her to live with him and his family.

Ethel Conklin (Mrs C)
Peg Murray
Gerri Kilgore
Misha McK
Ethan Conklin
Gary Bayer
Kathleen Conklin
Ellen Regan
Reverend Kilgore
Scoey Mitchell