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Midnight Caller

1 9 8 8 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)
61 x 60 minute episodes

Jack Killian (Gary Cole) was an ex-cop in San Francisco who quit the police force after accidentally shooting and killing his patrol partner while pursuing a crook. Jack was exonerated but chose to leave the force anyway.

He was approached by beautiful local radio station owner Devon King (Wendy Kilbourne) and accepted a job as a late-night talkback host on KJCM (98.3 FM) to help people who are worried about street crime.

There – using the broadcast nickname of ‘Nighthawk’ on a show called Midnight Caller – he found himself in contact with all manner of shady people who called him up and left him intriguing cases to solve, which he either passed on to his policeman friend Carl Zymak (Arthur Taxier), or to newspaper contact Deacon Bridges (Mykelti Williamson).


Ever the humanitarian, Jack would frequently get personally involved with the plight of those who called his show, often at great personal danger.

The phone-ins also covered intense moral issues like AIDS and drugs, and Killian proved to be a thoughtful but straight-talking host if a touch too moody and flip outside the studio. On the other side of the glass was studio engineer Billy Po (Dennis Dun).

Jack lived at 928 Fargo Street (Apartment 3C). Carmen’s Bar was his favourite watering hole. Devon lived at 3546 North Weatherly.

At the beginning of the 1990 – 1991 season, Devon was seen to be pregnant. Stockbroker Richard Clark (Christopher Lawford) was revealed to be the father – although it had been rumoured by Jack’s nemesis – Becca Nicholson (Eugenie Ross-Leming), a gossip columnist for the San Francisco Dispatch – that Jack was the father.

Devon and Richard married and moved to Tahiti, with Devon selling the radio station to Foster Castleman (Don Meredith) of Aradella Inc. Foster’s “talent lady” Nicky Molloy (Lisa Eilbacher) was given the responsibility of running KJCM.

When Devon had her baby (at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital), she and Richard named him Jack.

Jack ‘Nighthawk’ Killian
Gary Cole
Devon King
Wendy Kilbourne
Billy Po
Dennis Dun
Lt. Carl Zymak
Arthur Taxier
Deacon Bridges
Mykelti Williamson
Nicky Molloy
Lisa Eilbacher
Richard Clark
Christopher Lawford
Becca Nicholson
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Foster Castleman
Don Meredith