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1 9 8 8 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
72 x 30 minute episodes

A horror anthology about a family of monsters watching a different horror story every week on their TV. Co-produced by Richard P. Rubinstein and Mitchel Gatlin, the series aimed to offer viewers a different creature each week.

Among the writers featured in the series of half-hour episodes were Stephen King, Manly Wade Wellman, William Nolan and Robert Bloch.

Fantastic creature makeup, twist-endings and inspired casting set this syndicated series apart. Where else could you see disgusting beasts like The Feverman and Meat Loaf?

Other wonderful guests included Linda Blair, Debbie Harry, Pam Grier, Imogene Coca, Steve Buscemi and Tony Shalhoub. The veterans (Barbara Billingsley, Soupy Sales) brushed shoulders with the up-and-comers (David Spade, Matt LeBlanc) – and loads of slimy monsters.