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Get Up and Go!/Mooncat and Co

1 9 8 1 – 1 9 8 5 (UK)
20 minute episodes

Beryl Reid and Stephen Boxer co-presented this kid’s TV show from Yorkshire Television which was originally known as Get Up and Go!

Having left the moon and descended down to Earth, Mooncat befriended Beryl and Stephen who helped guide and entertain him.

Looking through the windows of his Moon Machine, Mooncat found himself examining the life of a window cleaner, investigating where the milkman gets his milk from (to ensure that Mooncat can enjoy his beloved Cornflakes), watching a father and daughter take a trip to the library to borrow some books and even delving into horticultural matters by checking out time-lapse footage of mushrooms and plants growing.

Beryl and Stephen read stories to Mooncat which centred on the adventures of the little girl Billie and her animal friends Woodley the dog, Monkey, Mrs Pinkerton-Trunks the elephant and Mr Milford Haven the lion.

Stephen eventually moved out of the shared house to work at a local playgroup, but he still managed to find time to visit Beryl and Mooncat every week. Stephen then opened a second-hand shop along with Mooncat in Mooncat & Co.

Helped by a never-ending stream of customers such as Pat Coombes, Wilf Lunn and Patsy Rowlands, Mooncat continued to learn about the ways of the world.

The final series of Mooncat & Co had Stephen’s brother Berni (Berni Clifton) taking over the shop.

David Claridge was the puppeteer and voice of Mooncat.

David Claridge
Christopher Leith
Beryl Reid
Stephen Boxer
Berni Clifton
Patsy Rowlands