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1 9 8 8 – 1 9 9 2 (UK)
150 x 100 minute episodes

Debuting on Saturday 3 September 1988 at 9.50 am, Motormouth was produced to replace No. 73 which had recently re-branded (unsuccessfully) as 7T3 before being axed as it was expensive and difficult to produce.

Motormouth was produced from the same studio complex (at Maidstone in Kent) by TVS and many of the production team transferred between the shows. The new studio set was dominated by a large motorised mouth and several large inflatables.

Hosts Neil Buchanan and Andrea Arnold were retained from No. 73 and were joined by new recruits Caroline Hanson, Tony Gregory and Julian Ballantyne. For the second series, Andrea Arnold ceased to be a presenter and instead filed location reports.

Hanson and Ballantyne eventually left the show and were replaced by Gaby Roslin and Steve Johnson. By the third series, Andrea Arnold and Tony Gregory had left the programme, with Andy Crane joining. Buchanan, Roslin, Johnson and Crane remained as the presenters until TVS lost their ITV franchise and the show folded.

Game show segments included ‘It’s Torture’, ‘Gunge ’em in the Dungeon’ and ‘Mouse Trap’ based on the popular board game.

Neil Buchanan
Andrea Arnold
Caroline Hanson
Tony Gregory
Julian Ballantyne
Gaby Roslin
Steve Johnson
Andy Crane