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Mr Majeika

1 9 8 8 (UK)
20 x 25 minute episodes

Comedian Stanley Baxter played Mr Majeika, a wizard from Walpurgis who fails his sorcery exams for the 17th time and is banished to the Britland village of Much Barty, where he moves into a windmill and becomes a teacher at St Barty’s Academy.

His students in Class 3 included Melanie (Claire Sawyer) and Thomas (Andrew Read) – who know that Mejeika is a wizard – and obnoxious rich brat Hamish Bigmore (Simeon Pearl). The headmaster was Mr Potter (Roland MacLeod).

The series was filmed in various locations around Matfield, Kent, including Grade 1 listed Matfield House, which formed the backdrop for the fictional school, with internal sequences shot in the garage.


Mr Majeika
Stanley Baxter
Melanie Brace-Girdle
Claire Sawyer
Thomas Grey
Andrew Read
Hamish Bigmore
Simeon Pearl
Mr Dudley Potter
Roland MacLeod
Bunty Brace-Girdle
Fidelis Morgan
Pam Bigmore
Eve Ferret
Lord Barty
Llewellyn Rees
Worshipful Wizard
Richard Murdoch
Nanny Flavia Jelley
Pat Coombs