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Mr Merlin

1 9 8 1 (USA)
22 x 25 minute episodes

Max Merlin (Barnard Hughes) was the ancient magician, who by the early 1980s had moved from grand castles and sorcery in Ye Olde England to fixing cars in a San Francisco garage.

The “fun” began when he decided to teach 15-year-old Zachary Rogers (Clark Brandon) the wonders of sorcery and the new apprentice wizard launched into all the usual apprentice wizard problems with spells going awry and the troubles of keeping his powers a secret from mere mortals.

Rounding out the cast were Jonathan Prince as Zac’s buddy Leo, and Elaine Joyce as Alexandra, who served as a mysterious but beautiful go-between for Merlin and his magic bosses.

The series premiered in October 1981 and magically vanished the following August.

Max Merlin 
Barnard Hughes
Zac Rogers 

Clark Brandon
Leo Samuels 

Jonathan Prince

Elaine Joyce