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Mr Smith

1 9 8 3 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

A circus orangutan is separated from his trainer, drinks a mixture bestowing him with the ability to talk and a 256 IQ, and gets a job as a special adviser to the president of the United States.


In his spare time, Mr Smith plays chess and writes treatises on thermonuclear dynamics.

The orangutan’s voice was provided by executive producer Ed Weinberger, who’d co-created Taxi and would go on to do the same for The Cosby Show and a number of other series.

Tim Dunigan played Mr Smith’s dumb but likeable owner, Tommy; Laura Jacoby was Tommy’s little sister, Ellie; and Leonard Frey played punctilious and prickly liaison man, Raymond.

Viewership decreased steadily as the season progressed and the series was cancelled (along with seven other NBC series) in December 1983.

Raymond Holyoke
Leonard Frey
Tommy Atwood
Tim Dunigan
Dr Judy Tyson
Terri Garber
Ellie Atwood
Laura Jacoby
Dr Klein
Stuart Margolin
Cha Cha
Ed. Weinberger


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