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1 9 8 5 (Australia)
50 x 30 minute episodes

This comedy series from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation starred Grahame (Aunty Jack) Bond as himself and Rick Veneer – A TV critic who wrote “without fear or talent”.

Regular segments included;

Australia Street
A five-minute sitcom about a household of seven people from (and named after) each of the Australian States (Victoria Bitter, Tassie Franklin, Sunny Brisbane etc), living at 85 Australia Street.

Sydney was a fast-talking criminal with political ambitions, Victoria was a conservative social-climbing snob, Tassie was a simple young thing who lived in the sleep-out, Sandy was a yachtsman obsessed by money and real estate, Sunny was a beer-drinking surfie and Adelaide was a lesbian writer on an arts grant.

The Party Line
An ongoing serial revolving around the postmistress/telephonist of the (fictional) country town of Dallas Springs.

Never Ending Story
A panel game, in which each panellist had to tell a story on a given theme until they were ‘gonged’ and another panellist continued the story. Grahame Bond was a regular panellist, and guest panellists included local dramatist Rob George, Wendy Patching (the voice of Winky Dink), and other Adelaide celebrities.

Kev Kavanagh’s Kulture
Featured Kev’s etiquette tips. The debut of this segment had Kev’s advice on dining out, including how to “get the maitre d’ a beauty” by booking under a false name, accosting other diners and completely baffling food and drink waiters.

World Championship Acting
Also featuring Kev Kavanagh

Lucky Dip
A new comedy talent quest.

Vintage Video
Sketches from The Aunty Jack Show and The Of Show. Featured classics such as ‘The art of dried elephant arrangement’, ‘Fol De Rol Tit Singers’, ‘A Football Opera’, ‘What’s On In Wollongong’, Peter and Joan (‘Total Strangers In Love’), the race caller’s family dinner, Colonel Passionfruit, the literal cliché party sketch, Dave the guitarist ‘speaking’ to his parents, the ‘prisoners who killed each other’s wives’ sketch and Harvey and Brenda / George.

Music was provided by The Kev Kavanagh Big Band (the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in disguise) and Terry & The Cavepersons.

Grahame Bond
Rory O’Donoghue
Garry McDonald
Robyn Moase
John Derum
John Bluthal
Jude Kuring
Neil Redfern
Val Langford
Sandra MacGregor
Doug Scroope