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No Strings

1 9 8 9 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Teacher Sam Jessop (Edward Petherbridge) arrives home from school after warning two pupils about the dangers of promiscuity to find a note from his wife, Glenda: “I left this letter by the dog basket because you always greet her before you greet me…”

Glenda has left him and gone off with Rodney, of whom Sam has never heard. But Rodney has left almost exactly the same message for his wife, Rosie (Jean Marsh in her first British television series since she took off her Upstairs Downstairs apron) in their family fridge.

The abandoned spouses, Sam and Rosie, are thus thrown together by the acts of their respective spouses.

And so began this seven-part Wednesday night comedy from Yorkshire Television. The script had occasional moments of wit which were lightly embellished by Edward Petherbridge’s mastery of The Aside.

Sam Jessop
Edward Petherbridge
Rosie Tindall
Jean Marsh
Sally Tindall
Amanda Waring
Robert Fyfe
Joe Jessop
John McAndrew
Nick Jessop
Graham McGrath
Sam Smart
Alison Bettles


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