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1 9 8 8 – 1 9 9 3 (Japan/USA)
26 x 25 minute episodes

Originally released in Japan as Fushigina Koara Burinkī in 1984, Noozles ran on Nickelodeon from November 1988 to April 1993 and centred around 12-year-old Sandy Brown, a girl whose stuffed koala, Blinky, turned into the real McCoy when she “noozled” (rubbed noses) with it.

Blinky and kid sister Pinky hailed from the kingdom of Koalawalla Land and Blinky’s watch could stop time, while Pinky’s makeup compact was an advanced transporter device.

Real koalas (which incidentally are marsupials and not bears!) spend their days sleeping, but Blinky and Pinky passed most of their time looking for adventure and exposing Sandy to their terrifying powers.

noozles9 noozles2

Sandy Brown
Heidi Lenhart
Brianne Siddall
Cheryl Chase (1)
Lara Cody (2)