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Now for Nookie

1 9 8 1 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This Southern Television production for kids starred New Faces-winning ventriloquist Roger De Courcey and his dirty-minded stuffed bear, Nookie.

Guests on the short-lived afternoon show included Lulu (who Nookie introduced as “the sweet Scottish lassie with a superb chassis”), Bernie Winters (who brought Schnorbitz along), Clodagh Rodgers, Vince Hill, Anita Harris, Billy Dainty,

As if being called ‘Nookie’ wasn’t enough, the bear also had a pet dog called ‘Boobsy’ and other characters on the show included a local MP called ‘Ivor Bentwhistle’.

Lots of Nookie’s ‘colourful’ oneliners and double-entendres, fortunately, went over the kids’ heads.