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1 9 8 1 – 1 9 8 2 (USA)
25 x 60 minute episodes

Nurse dealt with the adventures and experiences of Mary Benjamin (Michael Learned), a recently widowed mother who resumes her nursing career after an absence of some years.

Her late husband was a prominent doctor, who died of a heart attack on a tennis court as she watched.

Mary’s teenage son Chip (Christopher Marcantel) was a somewhat indulged chap with problems. Without a father’s influence, he decided to drop out, run wild, and generally cause worry and concern for his poor old Mum.

Mary, of course, could not bear to live in the family home anymore. She rids herself of that and all its memories and acquires a small apartment in town. Right next door lived a slightly eccentric vet in a sort of ailing Noah’s Ark.

Mary went to work at Grant Memorial Hospital in New York City but things weren’t easy for her there. Her nursing skills were a bit on the rusty side, causing her much worry and self-doubt.

Her nasty patients lingered on, causing trouble and upset. Her nice patients mostly popped their clogs, causing her grief and sorrow.

If that wasn’t enough, the handsome hard-nosed chief doctor, Dr Rose (Robert Reed) did not entirely approve of her old-fashioned nursing methods. But despite all the difficulties, Mary learned to cope.

Nurse was high-quality television, clearly made with care and at some cost. The acting performances were quite splendid, particularly Michael Learned (of The Waltons fame) as Mary.

Mary Benjamin
Michael Learned
Dr Adam Rose
Robert Reed
Toni Gillette
Hattie Winston
Penny Brooks
Bonnie Hellman
Nurse Betty LaSada
Hortensia Colorado
Chip Benjamin
Christopher Marcantel