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1 9 8 2 (UK)
12 x 60 minute episodes

Chris Tarrant quit Tiswas in 1981 – taking Bob Carolgees, Lenny Henry and John Gorman with him – to concentrate on a live, late-night, adult version of the show, called OTT.

Broadcast at 11:00 pm on Saturday nights, OTT was definitely not for children. Unfortunately, the studio slapstick was grimly crude and, while custard-covered nubile young ladies may have provided a rise in testosterone levels, it was so blatantly sexist that the show was axed after only 12 episodes.

Chris Tarrant, Alexei Sayle, Lenny Henry and Helen Atkinson-Wood all emerged from the critical wreckage of OTT – which stood unsurprisingly for “Over The Top”– amazingly unscathed.

Chris Tarrant
Alexei Sayle
Lenny Henry
Helen Atkinson-Wood