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One In A Million

1 9 8 0 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This 13 episode What’s Happening!! spin-off from ABC changed the character of Shirley Wilson, a waitress at Rob’s Place, to Shirley Simmons, a New York City taxi driver.

Here Shirley inherited a controlling interest in the $200 million Grayson Enterprises when her friend and favourite client, company owner Jonathan Grayson, died suddenly (in her taxi) and his will stipulated that she was to run the company as Chairman of the Board.

Shirley was completely inexperienced for such a responsibility and stories followed her efforts to fulfill Jonathan’s wishes.

Other regulars were company vice president Roland Cushing (Keene Curtis); Shirley’s secretary Nancy Boyer (Dorothy Fielding); Cushing’s attorney, Barton Stone (Richard Paul); Shirley’s parents Raymond (Mel Stewart) and Edna (Ann Weldon); Max (Carl Ballantine), the diner owner; Roland’s wife, Grace (Louise Sorel); Nancy’s son, Michael Boyer (Jimmy Heth); and Shirley’s friend Duke (Ralph Wilcox).

Shirley Simmons
Shirley Hemphill
Roland Cushing
Keene Curtis
Nancy Boyer
Dorothy Fielding
Barton Stone
Richard Paul
Raymond Simmons
Mel Stewart
Edna Simmons
Ann Weldon
Max Kalamo
Carl Ballantine
Grace Cushing
Louise Sorel
Michael Boyer
Jimmy Heth
Ralph Wilcox