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Open House

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
24 x 30 minute episodes

Mention money to Linda Phillips (Alison La Placa) and she gets all tingly. That makes her ideally qualified to be a real estate agent – and that’s her new career in this revamped version of Duet.

In that series, the divinely bitchy Linda was fired from her job as a Hollywood studio executive. At the urging of her pianist husband, Richard (Chris Lemmon), she went to work as a caterer with her friend Laura Kelly (Mary Page Keller).


Now she walks into the Juan Verde Real Estate office. Five estate agents descend upon her and say in unison, “My card”.

“I’m not here to buy a house,” says Linda. “I just need change for the parking meter”.

Everybody walks away as if she doesn’t exist. “Well, actually,” Linda says, “I have been thinking of buying a summer home”. They all return.

Salesman Ted Nichols (Philip Charles MacKenzie) gives her the change. Linda: “Wait a minute. You only gave me 75 cents. But that’s okay. I’m not really buying a house”. Ted: “That’s okay. One of those quarters is a peso”.

The other main characters in this short-lived sitcom were Scott Babylon (Danny Gans), a talented impressionist; Margo Van Meter (a still-in-the-closet, largely unknown Ellen DeGeneres), the sassy, man-hungry secretary; and Roger McSwain (Nick Tate), the manager of Juan Verde Real Estate.

Linda Phillips
Alison La Placa
Ted Nichols
Philip Charles MacKenzie
Richard Phillips
Chris Lemmon
Scott Babylon
Danny Gans
Margo Van Meter
Ellen DeGeneres
Roger McSwain
Nick Tate
Laura Kelly
Mary Page Keller