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Orm and Cheep

1 9 8 4 (UK)
1 9 8 7 (UK)

Cheep is a fluffy little bird who, after falling from his nest as a baby, fails to learn how to fly.

Rescuing Cheep, Orm the friendly worm (who has arms and hands!) takes Cheep back to his subterranean home at the base of a tree.

Together with their friends Snail, Mole and Mouse they deal with such exciting situations as cleaning the house, coping with floods and allowing Cheep the freedom to express his artistic talent.

Meanwhile, their enemies – Crow, Cat and Rat – are keen to establish the predator/prey relationship that Orm and Cheep have rejected.

Richard Briers brought a calming presence to proceedings with his cheery tones, providing the whole gamut of voices and narration.

The puppets on Orm and Cheep were created by The Puppet Company, the backdrops created by Tony Martin and bluescreen magic engineered by Derek Oliver.