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Outsider, The

1 9 8 3 (UK)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Out-of-work journalist Frank Scully (John Duttine) goes to stay for a few days with friends Donald and Sylvia Harper (Norman Eshley and Joanna Dunham) in the Yorkshire market town of Micklethorpe.

Miss Banner (Pauline Letts) – the deeply-religious new owner of the local newspaper, the Micklethorpe Messenger – asks Frank to stay on as editor of the paper. He then unwittingly revives long-dead local scandals when he publishes a series of anonymous articles that Miss Banner has written.

Matters are further complicated when Frank becomes involved in a love triangle with Sylvia Harper and Fiona Neave (Carol Royle) – who owns the company that prints the newspaper – and Miss Banner threatens to use her column to reveal some very compromising details about Fiona (who was left £30,000 in the will of the late John Wesley Banner).

Produced by Yorkshire Television.

Frank Scully
John Duttine
Fiona Lytton Neave
Carol Royle
Sylvia Harper
Joanna Dunham
Donald Harper
Norman Eshley
Beattie, Lady Wrathdale
Elizabeth Bennett
Lewis, Lord Wrathdale
Peter Clay
Miss Sybil Banner
Pauline Letts
Reuben Flaxman
Michael Sheard
Tom Holliday
Ted Morris
David Liddle
Joe Cook
Ted Bishop
David Ross