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Paradise Postponed

1 9 8 6 (UK)
11 x 50 minute episodes

It was hard to tell who the heroes were in John Mortimer’s Paradise Postponed, Thames Television’s blockbuster about Simeon Simcox – “The Red Rector” – and how he left all his money not to his family but to Leslie Titmuss, a local lad turned Tory minister.

Perhaps Fred, the doctor’s son, was the character we should have liked. He had ‘Standards’ – but no spine. Most people enjoyed David Threlfall’s unscrupulous Titmuss more – if only for his Edward Heath vowels.

paradisepostponed3 paradisepostponed4

The series seemed all stop-start with too much talk and not enough action, and in the frequent flashbacks the actors always looked the same age.

Fred Simcox
Paul Shelley 
Leslie Titmuss 

David Threlfall
Rev. Simeon Simcox 

Michael Hordern
Dorothy Simcox 

Annette Crosbie
Henry Simcox 

Peter Egan
Agnes Simcox 

Eleanor David
Sir Nicholas Fanner 

Richard Vernon 
Dr. Salter 

Colin Blakely 
Lady Grace Fanner 

Jill Bennett 
Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Titmuss 

Zoë Wanamaker
Doughty Strove 

Thorley Walters