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Peaceable Kingdom

1 9 8 9 (USA)
12 x 60 minute episodes

TV’s former Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner played Rebecca Cafferty, the new Managing Director of the Los Angeles County Zoo.

Recently widowed Rebecca was always on call for crisis after crisis, so it was fortunate that she had a house on the zoo ground that she shared with her own menagerie: sons Dean (Michael Manasseri) and Sam (Victor DiMattia), daughter Courtney (Melissa Clayton) and a rambunctious pet seal named Rover.

Back in the real zoo, veterinarian Dr Jed McFadden (Tom Wopat) – who also happened to be Rebecca’s brother – feuded with Dr Bart Langley (David Ackroyd), the zoo’s officious research director.


Meanwhile, the gorillas were depressed, a scorpion escaped from the reptile house, a baby kangaroo was abandoned by its mother, and a billy goat in the petting zoo bit a 3-year-old girl whose father was a lawyer . . .

Shot on location at San Diego Zoo and Los Angeles Zoo, Peaceable Kingdom was a ratings failure and CBS cancelled the series after airing only seven episodes. The remaining episodes aired some years later in syndication.

Rebecca Cafferty
Lindsay Wagner
Dr Jed McFadden
Tom Wopat
Dr Bart Langley
David Ackroyd
David Renan
Michael Manasseri
Melissa Clayton
Victor DiMattia
Kate Galindo
Conchata Ferrell
Kathryn Spitz