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A Perfect Spy

1 9 8 7 (UK)
7 x 50 minute episodes

In 1987 Peter Egan continued as the smoothie Paul Ryman of Ever Decreasing Circles on Sundays, but on Wednesdays on BBC2 he was aiding and abetting his lying bombastic father Rick and betraying his country as Magnus Pym, John Le Carré’s A Perfect Spy.

At times it seemed as if Ray McAnally’s rheumy-eyed Rick would steal the show.

Even lying dead in a bath of ice cubes fittingly fetched by two old tarts from the pub across the road, his presence was powerful.

Jane Booker was superb as Magnus’s misused wife, and Peggy Ashcroft sublime as his dotty seaside landlady.

But it was Peter with his faked joviality, and his pain at being cheated, who made A Perfect Spy perfect.

Magnus Pym
Peter Egan
Rick Pym 

Ray McAnally
Mary Pym 

Jane Booker
Miss Dubber
Peggy Ashcroft
Jack Brotherhood 

Alan Howard 
Baroness Weber 

Sarah Badel

Fiona Mollison