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Pigeon Street

1 9 8 1 (UK)
13 x 15 minute episodes

Pigeon Street is home to a bright, busy community of eccentric folks who are full of bustle and liveliness.


There’s Dr Glossop and Mrs Glossop and their children Gerald, Polly and Molly, Long Distance Clara the trucker, Hugo the cook, Mr Macadoo the pet shop owner, William the window cleaner and Betty and their son Jim, Mr Jupiter the astronomer and his dog Flash, Mr Baskerville and his hound called Watson who live at the top of Skyrise Court, dotty old Rose and Daisy, ballroom dancers Reg and Doreen, Mrs Patel, and last but by no means least, Bob who runs the bike shop and who also keeps pigeons – which lend the street its name.

Pigeons aren’t the only birds who hang around the street. The ducks of Swanlake Park also waddle into view on occasion – especially when it rains very hard and the street and the park are flooded.