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1 9 8 6 (Switzerland/UK)
1 9 9 3 – 2 0 1 0 (Switzerland/UK)
156 x 5 minute episodes

Mischievous young claymation penguin Pingu goes on adventures with his little sister, Pinga and his best friend, Robby the Seal. He frequently encountered his abominable snowman friend Bajoo and a giant walrus.

Other friends included Pingo, Pingg, Pongi, Pengy, Pongj, and Punki.

Despite being a sweet-natured show intended for children, Pingu wasn’t without controversy with certain episodes being banned or censored in some places, including an episode in which Pingu’s mother slaps him and another that involved offensive Native American stereotypes.

Viewers across the world claim that they understand Pingu’s gibberish – that they know just what he means when he bellows “nook nook!” and lobs a snowball at a seal.

Some claim that it’s Swedish reversed or a concoction of dialects. In fact, it’s entirely made up. It just follows a rhythm and tone similar to various languages.

“Penguinese” as it’s been called, is the creation of Carlo Bonomi – the Italian voice artist who performed the character’s voices.