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No Place Like Home

1 9 8 3 – 1 9 8 7 (UK)
43 x 30 minute episodes

When Arthur and Beryl Crabtree marry off their daughter Lorraine, they are finally free of children (their three other offspring having already flown the coop).

But their blissful liberty is short-lived because, almost immediately, financial and other crises force Nigel, Tracy and Paul to move back home. Soon afterwards, Lorraine has marital problems and she too returns.

Her dolt of a husband, Raymond – desperate to patch things up – then becomes a regular visitor, as do the Crabtrees’ neighbours Vera and Trevor Botting.

Soon, every last scrap of peace and tranquillity vanish from Arthur and Beryl’s lives.

Their offspring interfere constantly and the house degenerates into chaos, with unsuitable suitors calling around, and marital unrest, unemployment, dubious behaviour and indolence being par for the course.

A steady if unspectacular series from the BBC, No Place Like Home starred future Men Behaving Badly star Martin Clunes as Nigel.

The actor Stephen Watson, who played Paul, died aged 24, whilst on his honeymoon in Spain, just before the fourth series was screened, but after most of the episodes had been recorded.
Arthur Crabtree
William Gaunt
Beryl Crabtree

Patricia Garwood
Nigel Crabtree

Martin Clunes (1)
Andrew Charleson (2)
Tracy Crabtree

Dee Sadler
Paul Crabtree

Stephen Watson
Lorraine Codd

Beverly Adams
Raymond Codd

Daniel Hill
Trevor Botting

Michael Sharvell-Martin
Vera Botting (1)

Marcia Warren (1)
Ann Penfold (2)
Baby Timothy

David Strange