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Poor Man’s Orange

1 9 8 7 (Australia)

This sequel to The Harp In The South was shot simultaneously with the same cast, although it is set three years later in the early 1950s.

The Irish Catholic Darcy family of Surry Hills continued their struggle to build a better life despite the odds being constantly stacked against them.

Father Hughie (Martyn Sanderson); his wife, Mumma (Anne Phelan); and their younger daughter, Dolour (Kaarin Fairfax) are devastated after their oldest daughter Roie (Anna Hruby) – short for Rowena – dies giving birth to a baby boy.

Roie’s husband, Charlie(Shane Connor) takes to the drink to forget his loss, neglecting his children.

16-year-old Dolour fights for the strength to keep the family together through bad times and illness.

Mumma Darcy
Anne Phelan
Hughie Darcy
Martyn Sanderson
Dolour Darcy
Kaarin Fairfax
Roie (Rowena) Rothe
Anna Hruby
Charlie Rothe
Shane Connor
Pat Diamond
Syd Conabere
Mrs Campion
Lois Ramsey
Bumper Reilly
Ron Shand
Matty Rothe
Emily Nicol
Lick Jimmy
Cecil Parkee
Delie Stock
Carole Skinner
Father Cooley
Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell
Miss Moon
Kerry Walker
Tommy Mendel
Brandon Burke
Susan Leith
Mrs Drummy
Pat Thomson
Harry Drummy
Connor Fitzpatrick
Mr Drummy
Robert Baxter
Gracie Drummy
Felicity Soper
Mr Kilroy
Roger Ward
Mrs Kilroy
Denise Otto
Rose Clemente
The Kidger
Garth Meade
Birdie Wren
Simon Gratton
Sister Theophilus
Kirrily Nolan
Mrs Sicilino
Franca Rubiu
Peter Carmody
Lick Jimmy’s Wife
Ella-Mei Wong
Clive Marshall
Lick’s Son
Tony Liu
Saviour Sammut
Sam Gooey
Terry Woo