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Powers of Matthew Star, The

1 9 8 2 (USA)
22 x 60 minute episodes

When the planet of Quadris was taken over by evil forces, the rulers sent their 17-year-old son to Earth until his special powers had developed enough for him to return home and restore himself to the throne.

The boy, Matthew Star (Peter Barton), and his guardian Walt (Lou Gossett Jr) took up residence in a small US town in this sci-fi adventure series from NBC.

On Earth, Mathew took the form of an ordinary student at Crest Ridge High School in California (albeit one with superpowers), while Walt became the school’s science teacher.

The American government (in their infinite glory and wisdom) already knew of Matthew and Walt’s origin and ESP powers and used them to act as agents on occasion.

The series was actually introduced in  1981 but production was delayed when Peter Barton was badly burned in an accident during filming.

Matthew Star 
Peter Barton
Walt Shepherd

Lou Gossett Jr
Pam Elliott

Amy Steel
Bob Alexander

Chip Frye
Major Wymore

James Karen