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Practice, The

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 8 6 (UK)
47 x episodes

1985’s The Practice was the latest in a line of medical soaps, revolving around the staff of a GP’s surgery in the Manchester suburb of Castlehulme as they dealt with their patients’ medical problems as well as their own personal problems.

It fared better than some medical soaps, despite a shaky start when executives scrapped the first six episodes, claiming they were substandard.

There were some original storylines such as Kev the vasectomy-shy bus driver being driven by his wife to live in the garden shed.

But in 1986 The Practice got the snip.

Dr Lawrence Golding
John Fraser
Dr Judith Vincent
Brigit Forsyth
Pauline Kent
Judith Barker
Susan Turner
Michelle Holmes
Debra Bates
Rachel James
Peter Bishop
Steve Halliwell
Dorothy Fuller
Joyce Kennedy
Carol Stansfield
Eileen O’Brien
Dr David Armitage
Tim Brierley
Sheila Jessop
Frances Cox