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Press Your Luck

1 9 8 3 (USA)

This CBS game show worked as follows: A question was read to three contestants. The first player to buzz in received a chance to answer. That answer, plus two additional answers, were revealed to the other players. The remaining two players then had the opportunity to select one answer.

Points (called ‘spins’) were awarded thus: three spins for the player who buzzed in first if they had the correct answer; if they were wrong, the other player could receive one spin if they chose the correct answer. Four such rounds were played.

Players then received the opportunity to use their spins on a large electronic game board divided into 20 squares, each of which revolved rapidly.

Squares contained cash amounts, merchandise prizes and “Whammies”. The object was for a player to accumulate as much cash and merchandise as possible within their allotted amount of time without hitting a “Whammy” (which automatically wiped out all their earnings).

The player with the overall highest cash and merchandise score was the winner.

Peter Tomarken
Rod Roddy