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1 9 8 8 (USA)
7 x 60 minute episodes

Serendip is a high tech research and development company created by Austin James (Parker Stevenson) – “the greatest scientific mind of the century”.

Austin, however, has an eccentric obsession with fighting crime so he turns over the company to Howard Millhouse (Jon Cypher) and retreats to “The Batcave”, an old warehouse where he lives and conducts scientific experiments in the cause of justice.

Assisting Austin is Michele Castle (Ashley Crow), a pretty but ditsy secretary Austin calls “Mickey”.

Austin thinks while he sleeps (his bed is a sensory deprivation tank), has a photographic memory and can retain and recall information faster than a computer.

He has a pet spider – a tarantula named Steve – who roams freely about the lab.

Austin James
Parker Stevenson
Michelle Castle
Ashley Crow
Howard Millhouse
Jon Cypher
Graham McKinley
Clive Revill