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Pursuit of Happiness

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 8 8 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

John Marshall University in Philadelphia is a prestigious college where the world-renowned history professor, Roland G Duncan (Brian Keith) teaches.

David Hanley (Paul Provenza) is a footloose idealist who, after years of travelling across the US, decides to settle down in Philadelphia.

David has a teaching degree in history but never really pursued a career. Now, with time on his hands, he applies for the position of assistant professor to the distinguished Roland Duncan.

Stories follow David as he tries to implement aspects of his travels into his classes – and to change Roland from a stuffed shirt to a free spirit (or as much of a free spirit he can instil in a man who is positively set in his ways).

Other regulars are Roland’s daughter, Sara Duncan (Judie Aronson); Margaret Callahan (Wendel Meldrum), an assistant history professor; Ms Lopez (Wanda De Jesus), Roland’s secretary; Vernon Morris (Wesley Thompson), David’s friend; and Professors Gruber (Mary Farrell) and Stevens (John Petlock).

Assistant Professor David Hanley
Paul Provenza
Professor Roland G Duncan
Brian Keith
Vernon Morris
Wesley Thompson
Margaret Callahan
Wendel Meldrum
Sara Duncan
Judie Aronson
Professor Gruber
Mary Farrell
Professor Stevens
John Petlock
Ms Lopez
Wanda De Jesus