Home Television Drama Q.E.D.


1 9 8 2 (USA)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Sam Waterston stars as Quentin E. Deverill, a brilliant American science professor who finds himself laughed out of a job at Harvard in 1912 because he dares speculate that it is possible to transmit picture and sound through the air.

He then takes off for England, where he believes they might be more receptive to his brilliance, and finds himself fighting crime as a “scientific detective”, using all the cool, advanced gadgets that he invents.


In Edwardian London, our hero is helped in his adventures by his trusty butler/chauffeur, Phipps (George Innes), his assistant Betsy (Sarah Berger), and his very beautiful and resourceful secretary, Jenny (Caroline Langrishe).

His efforts are covered by Charlie (A.C. Weary), a reporter for the International Wireless Telegraph Service.

Of course, every brilliant hero has to have an arch-villain as an enemy and in this case, it’s evil German scientist Dr Stefan Kilkiss (Julian Glover), who is bent on world domination.

The series first aired on 23 March 1982 and lasted for an entire six episodes, ending on 27 April 1982.

The series was created by John Hawkesworth who was responsible for such classics as Upstairs Downstairs and The Duchess of Duke Street.

Professor Quentin E. Deverill
Sam Waterston
George Innes
Charlie Andrews
A.C. Weary
Dr Stefan Kilkiss
Julian Glover
Jenny Martin
Caroline Langrishe
Betsy Stevens
Sarah Berger
Charlie Andrews
A.C. Weary