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Quest, The

1 9 8 2 (USA)
9 x 60 minute episodes

The tiny Mediterranean kingdom of Glendora has a problem. According to a medieval treaty, the kingdom would revert to France if there was ever no ruling monarch.

The current ruler, King Charles, is now of advanced years and unlikely to produce an heir.


Four Americans are found to be descendants of one of the former rulers and sent on a quest to determine who is most worthy, most noble, most valorous – and maybe most devious – to be a ruler.

The four potential heirs are; Dan Underwood (Perry King), a photojournalist so awesomely handsome that he has to beat pretty girls off with a stick; Cody Johnson (Ray Vitte), a con artist who could sell the Brooklyn Bridge to a scrap metal dealer; Art Henley (Noah Beery Jr), a retired cop from Wilko, Kansas; and Carrie Welby (Karen Austin), a department store buyer.

The royal contenders are cheered on by Sir Edward (John Rhys-Davies) and hassled by the villainous Count Dardinay (Michael Billington), who had designs on the throne.

ABC cancelled the show prematurely before all episodes had aired, and The Quest died before King Charles did.

Dan Underwood
Perry King
Arthur Henley
Noah Beery Jr.
Cody Johnson
Ray Vitte
Carrie Welby
Karen Austin
Sir Edward
John Rhys-Davies
Count Louis Dardinay
Michael Billington
King Charles
Ralph Michael