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Rags To Riches

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 8 8 (USA)

The 1960s were fun and games for a group of young orphans in this frothy TV version of a B-movie musical, set in California in 1961.

Nick (Joseph Bologna) was the millionaire bachelor playboy-businessman who adopted them, in order to look more respectable (he could close more deals that way) and Clapper (Douglas Seale) was the elderly Cockney butler who looked after them all in Nick’s huge Los Angeles mansion.

The five girls were strong-willed Rose (Kimiko Gelman), often the ringleader; charming Diane (Bridget Michele); wisecracking Marva (Tisha Campbell), who wanted to follow in Nick’s entrepreneurial footsteps; tomboy Patty (Bianca DeGarr); and insufferably cute little Mickey (Heidi Zeigler).

They all engaged in lots of singing and dancing, often 60s tunes with new lyrics that commented on the story.

Nick Foley
Joseph Bologna
John Clapper
Douglas Seale
Rose (16)
Kimiko Gelman
Marva (15)
Tisha Campbell
Diane (15)
Bridget Michele
Patty (13)
Bianca DeGarr
Mickey (7)
Heidi Zeigler