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Raising Miranda

1 9 8 8 (USA)
9 x 30 minute episodes

Building contractor Donald Marshak (James Naughton) and his smart but sensitive teenaged daughter, Miranda (Royana Black) have been abandoned in their Wisconsin home by their wife and mother who has run off to “find herself”.

Now Donald has to raise Miranda, with the help of his noodly neighbours, Bob (Steve Vinovich) and Joan (Miriam Flynn) Hoodenpyle, and his wacky brother-in-law and buddy, Russell (Bryan Cranston making his prime-time debut), who has clearly spent too much time on the magic mushrooms.

The CBS series was savaged by critics and only lasted nine episodes before being cancelled.

Royana Black passed away in July 2020 after a battle with leukaemia. She was 47 years old.

Donald Marshak
James Naughton
Miranda Marshak
Royana Black
Joan Hoodenpyle
Miriam Flynn
Bob Hoodenpyle
Steve Vinovich
Jack Miller
Michael Manasseri
Uncle Russell
Bryan Cranston
Marcine Lundquist
Amy Lynne


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