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You Rang M’Lord

1 9 8 8 – 1 9 9 3 (UK)
1 x 60 minute episode
25 x 50 minute episodes

This Croft and Perry spoof of Upstairs Downstairs was set in the Edwardian London household of the nice but dim Lord Meldrum. The servants were led by the swindling Alf Stokes (Paul Shane from Hi-De-Hi).

yourangmlord_3The series was effective enough to last for five years – but then so was the plague.

It was disconcerting, to say the least, that half the cast seemed to still be in role from previous Croft and Perry sitcoms (Donald Hewlett’s Meldrum was his It Ain’t Half Hot Mum Colonel Reynolds in mufti) and most of the jokes were conspicuous by their absence.

There was, though, a narrative surprise at the last when the Meldrum family became impoverished – their Union Jack Rubber plantation was eaten by beetles – and were obliged to sell up.

Alf Stokes
Paul Shane
Lord George Meldrum

Donald Hewlett
James Twelvetrees

Jeffrey Holland
Ivy Teesdale

Su Pollard
Hon. Teddy Meldrum

Michael Knowles
Mrs Lipton 

Brenda Cowling
Poppy Meldrum

Susie Brann
Cissy Meldrum

Catherine Rabett
Lady Lavender Meldrum

Mavis Pugh
PC Wilson

Bill Pertwee

Perry Benson

Barbara New
Sir Ralph Shawcross

John Horsley
Lady Agatha Shawcross

Angela Scoular