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Renegades, The

1 9 8 3 (USA)
6 x 60 minute episodes

The Renegades was originally an ABC TV movie in 1982, then the series became a one-month blip on the schedule in March/April 1983.

The series focused on a group of seven former teen gang leaders who became undercover cops in a sort of updated version of The Mod Squad.

Their boss, Lieutenant Frank Marciano (James Luisi), had to constantly struggle to convince his police captain, Joseph Scanlon (Kurtwood Smith) that this bunch of thugs could do what real cops couldn’t.

Frank called his unit the Renegades and gave the gang members the choice of going to jail for the commission of various crimes or working for the police as a special undercover unit. Being clever kids, they chose the latter.

The Renegades were former Ace gang member, Bandit (a young Patrick Swayze); Satan Doll gang member Tracy (Tracy Scoggins); Chiefs gang member Eagle (Randy Brooks); Bomber gang member Dancer (Robert Thaler); Shanghai Sheiks gang member Dragon (Brian Tochi); Wild Cats gang member Gaucho (Fausto Bara) and Romans gang member, J.T. (Paul Mones).

Their talents ranged from basketball and the martial arts to the ability to ride a motorcycle over two moving cars. They hung out in a neon-lit basement full of rock music and body-building equipment.

Robert Thaler

Tracy Scoggins

Patrick Swayze
Fausto Bara

Randy Brooks

Paul Mones

Brian Tochi
Lieutenant Frank Marciano 

James Luisi
Captain Joseph Scanlon 

Kurtwood Smith
Julie Robinson
Kathryn Leigh Scott