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Running Scared

1 9 8 6 (UK)
6 x 25 minute episodes

Young Paula Prescott (Julia Millbank) found herself on the run from brutal East End club owner and villain Charlie Elkin (Christopher Ellison from The Bill) – who ran a protection racket – in this six-part BBC children’s series.

Paula’s taxi driver grandfather, Sam (Fred Bryant), had hidden a vital piece of evidence – half a pair of broken spectacles – that could link Elkin to an armed robbery and put him behind bars for many years, much to the pleasure of D.I. McNeill (James Cosmo).

Just before he passed away, Grandad Sam advised her that the location of the evidence could be found via an old musical box. The chase was then on to decipher the secrets of the box.

Paula’s family and her Sikh friend, Narinder (Amarjit Dhillon) were caught up in the shenanigans, and Paula learned to her horror that one of her family – her cousin Brian (Simon Adams) – was a member of Elkins’ gang.

The theme tune was Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

Paula Prescott
Julia Millbank
Narinder Sidhu
Amarjit Dhillon
Pratap Singh Sidhu
Renu Setna
Charlie Elkin
Christopher Ellison
Detective Inspector McNeil
James Cosmo
Kamal Kaur Sidhu
Rani Singh
Mick Prescott
Desmond McNamara
Dolly Prescott
Maureen Sweeney
Dean Prescott
Anthony Gorry
Hetty Baynes
Frank Butler
Tony Caunter
Brian Butler
Simon Adams
Ron Martin
Alan Ford
Fred Barrat
Alan Talbot
Grandad (Sam Prescott)
Fred Bryant
Ellie Butler
Penny Morrell
Damon Doyle
Jason Norman