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Scarecrow and Mrs King

1 9 8 3 – 1 9 8 7 (USA)
88 x 60 minute episodes

Bruce Boxleitner was secret agent Lee “Scarecrow” Stetson, while civilian Amanda King was played by the delectable former Charlie’s Angels star Kate Jackson.

When Scarecrow is forced to use divorced housewife, Mrs King, to help him dodge KGB agents, she proves to be such a natural that he talks her into becoming his partner.

She takes a job as a secretary at the International Federal Film Company, the Washington DC front for the agency that Lee works for.


His boss, Billy Melrose (Mel Stewart), is highly sceptical, but Amanda proves herself to be the perfect spy. After all, who would suspect this suburban divorcée and mother of dabbling in espionage?

Amanda is attracted to the tall, handsome Scarecrow, and in the fourth season, Lee and Amanda get married.

Unfortunately, they are not allowed to tell anybody in order to protect Amanda’s family, including her children, Philip (Paul Stout) and Jamie (Greg Morton), or her mother Dotty (Beverly Garland).

Prior to this series, Bruce Boxleitner had appeared in How the West Was Won (1977-79) and has since appeared in the sci-fi series, Babylon 5. He was married to Melissa (Little House On The Prairie) Gilbert until their divorce in 2011.

Near the end of the fourth (and final) season, Kate Jackson made only cameo appearances, as she was undergoing radiation therapy to treat breast cancer.

Lee “Scarecrow” Stetson
Bruce Boxleitner
Amanda King 

Kate Jackson
Dotty West 

Beverly Garland
Billy Melrose 

Mel Stuart
Francine Desmond
Martha Smith
Philip King 

Paul Stout
Jamie King 

Greg Morton
T.P. Aquinas 

Raleigh Bond
Dr Smyth 

Myron Natwick