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1 9 8 4 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes
1 x 60 minute episode

This Alan Bleasdale comedy (adapted by him from his own novels) chronicled the adolescent misadventures of Franny Scully – a streetwise Liverpudlian teen with dreams of turning soccer pro.

The half-hour episodes were packed with colourful scenes and characters, among them Franny’s railway-obsessed brother Henry (played by rock star Elvis Costello, who also provided music for the series), friend Mad Dog (Mark McGann), lust-object Joanna (Cathy Tyson) and piña colada-supping Gran (Jean Boht from Bread). Footballer Kenny Dalglish guested.

Scully was first presented on television as a 1978 Play For Today episode called ‘Scully’s New Year’s Eve’.

Franny Scully
Andrew Schofield
Henry Scully
Elvis Costello
Arthur Scully
Jimmy Gallagher
Mrs Scully
Val Lilley
Mr Scully
Joey Kaye
Jean Boht
Ray Kingsley
Mad Dog
Mark McGann
Cathy Tyson
Snotty Dog
Richard Burke