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Second Chance

1 9 8 1 (UK)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Susannah York and Ralph Bates starred in this six-part series from Yorkshire Television as a couple who go their separate ways after two children and an 18-year marriage.

The six episodes followed Kate (York) and Chris (Bates) Hurst – and their teenage children Jill (Kate Dorning) and Martin (Mark Eadie) – through the tears and triumphs of their first year apart.

Kate gave up working in an office and threw herself into a new catering business while Chris looked for love in all the wrong places. The pair stayed on good terms (mostly) and still lived in the same Northern city, which cramped their new style somewhat.

Written by Adele Rose (herself a divorcee), the series aimed to present an optimistic view of marital breakdown with opportunities for growth and a new way fo life coming along after the initial problems of adjustment, but while it was good to see Susannah York appearing in a major TV role, the lightweight script just wasn’t good enough.

Kate Hurst
Susannah York
Chris Hurst
Ralph Bates
Jill Hurst
Kate Dorning
Martin Hurst
Mark Eadie
Trevor Fuller
Steven Grives
Gordon Frost
Andy Abrahams
Bunty Gilpin
Gwen Cherrell
Pat Thorne
Carole Nimmons
Sally McDonald
Alison Ambler
Donald Gilpin
Richard Butler
Richard Seymour
Michael Culver
Frances Sterling
Jan Harvey
Paula Nelson
Tessa Worsley
Sheila Schofield
Sally Adams
Debbie Green
Debbie Bowers
Margaret McKenzie
Rachel Laurence
Fran Hogan
Julia Sharon
Rose Marshall
Rosalie Williams
Philip Schofield
David Clayforth
Sarah Fletcher
Barbara Flynn


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