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Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (Aged 13¾), The

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 8 7 (UK)


Poor Adrian has a lot on his plate.

His parents are perpetually on the verge of divorce, he volunteers to help the aged (it gets him out of maths on Mondays) and gets stuck with Bert Baxter, a revolting 89-year-old man who treats him like a skivvy, he thinks he’s an intellectual but still can’t manage to do very well at school, the girl he likes is going out with his best friend Nigel (a spoilt brat), and the only person who seems on his side is his mad old grandma (Beryl Reid, fresh out of Mooncat and Co).

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Adrian is a bit “wet” and writes poetry. He measures his success by the tone of the rejection letters he receives from the BBC and manages to see every situation in the deepest sense which he faithfully records in his secret diary: his parents’ split, his trials with his teenage skin and his love for his decidedly upper-middle-class, teen feminist soulmate, Pandora, were all graphically recorded by the goodhearted schoolboy.

Gian Sammarco played the title role and Julie Walters played Pauline Mole, Adrian’s mother, later to be replaced by Lulu in the second series, The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole.

Adrian Mole
Gian Sammarco
Pauline Mole

Julie Walters (1)
Lulu (2)
Grandma (May) Mole 

Beryl Reid
George Mole

Stephen Moore 
Bert Baxter

Bill Fraser 
Queenie Baxter

Doris Hare 
Pandora Braithwaite

Lindsey Stagg 
Tania Braithwaite

Louise Jameson 
Ivan Braithwaite

Robin Herford 
Mr. Lucas

Paul Greenwood
Nigel Partridge

Steven Mackintosh 
Barry Kent

Chris Gascoyne 
Mr. Scruton

Freddie Jones
Ms Fossington-Gore

Mary Maddox