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Seeing Things

1 9 8 1 – 1 9 8 7 (Canada)
43 x 60 minute episodes

Balding, nearsighted Louis Ciccone (Louis Del Grande) was a reporter for the Toronto Gazette. He also had post cognitive powers which gave him (increasingly explicit) visions of past events – accompanied by appropriately spooky music – which were always related to a murder.

While he could not control the visions or trigger them voluntarily, they did provide vital leads and clues that allowed him to investigate the crimes.

The supporting cast included Marge (Martha Gibson), Louis’s on-again/off-again wife; assistant Crown Attorney Heather Redfern (Janet-Laine Green); Detective Sergeant Brown (Frank Adamson), who was invariably assigned to the homicides that Louis discovered; and his editor Max Perkins (Murray Westgate).

Regular appearances came from the Gazette‘s food reporter Marlon Bede (Louis Negin); Redfern’s boss Robert Spenser (Cec Linder); and her erstwhile love interest, hockey player Kenny Volker (Ratch Wallace).

Many well-known Canadian actors had guest roles, including Gordon Pinsent, Kenneth Welsh, Barbara Hamilton, Bruno Gerussi, Saul Rubinek, Don Francks, Ross Petty, Maury Chaykin and Booth Savage.

Louis Ciccone
Louis Del Grande
Heather Redfern
Janet-Laine Green
Marge Ciccone
Martha Gibson
Sergeant Brown
Frank Adamson
Ivan Beaulieu
Anna Ciccone
Lynne Gordon
Alberto Ciccone
Al Bernardo
Max Perkins
Murray Westgate