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Shadow of the Stone

1 9 8 7 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Produced by Scottish Television and shot all on film, this mystery adventure for older children linked the legend of an old Scottish seaport with the Atlantic coast of America.

The series was filmed on location in Glasgow, Gourock and the Clyde estuary with much of the action taking place on the sea aboard the 27-foot yacht Marie Lamont – named after a 17th-century girl who was put on trial for alleged witchcraft.

Shirley Henderson starred as Elizabeth Finlay (pictured at right).

Elizabeth Finlay
Shirley Henderson
Steve Lamont
Nic D’Avirro
Rose McKenzie
Irene Sunters
Alice Finlay
Doreen Cameron
Danny King
Charles Kearney
Tom Henderson
Alan Cumming
Louise Goodall
Simon Sharkey
Bill Henderson
Ray Jeffries